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Hostfully supports three custom fields: “Property”, “Checkin” and “Checkout”.

Here is how it looks for a Sales Receipt

Manage custom fields

To use custom fields in our transactions, the first thing we need to do is enable them via the Company Settings page in our company.

  • Sign in to your company and click on the gear icon on the top-right.

  • Open ‘Company Settings’ or ‘Account and Settings’. The text here may vary depending on your company.

  • Once on the settings page, navigate to the ‘Sales’ tab on the left. This is where we enable and create custom fields for sales transactions.

Custom fields need to be named EXACTLY as “Property”, “Checkin” and “Checkout” and should be Public.

Remember to click Save and that's it!

Hostfully will push this extra data to those fields for each Sales Receipt.


Video demo:


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