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Zapier Use Cases

Available Hostfully Fields for Zapier.

Enable Zapier integration on Hostfully

  1. Login to your PMP account

  2. Click on the drop down menu and click on Integrations

3. Scroll down until you find the Zapier section.

4. Click the toggle button ON and the integration will be enabled.

5. Here you can see the Authentication information.

  • Agency Secret is required by Zapier

  • Agency UID is displayed for information purposes only


  • Please use the Agency Secret and Agency UID from your Zapier account. Please do not use the information from the above screen shot.

If you ever need to access this information again, you can return to the integration in Hostfully and click the hyperlink for "information".

Congratulations, you have enabled Zapier!

Creating Zaps in Zapier web application:

Now, that you have enabled Zapier, you can either

A. Use the ready-made Zap templates we already have in Hostfully's PMP - Zapier's integration page for you.

Just click on the "Use this Zap" button, and you will be re-directed to Zapier's site where you can use the template directly, or modify as you wish.

B. Create your first Zap:

  1. Create a Zapier account if you don’t already have one -

  2. Login into your Zapier account

  3. You can click on “Create Zap” or click on Zaps menu and then click on “Create Zap

4. Input a name for your Zap in the editor window

5. Search for the most recent version of Hostfully in the Search Apps input box

6. Select event

There are 3 events to choose from:

  • New Booking

  • Updated Booking

  • Cancelled Booking

Note: Updated Booking will ALSO be triggered when there is a new booking. Therefore if you have triggers of both events (New Booking & Updated Booking), you can expect duplicate actions happening.

7. Select the account and if you haven’t been already authenticated, you’ll be prompted to enter the agency secret you got from the Integration Zone information page at Hostfully. If you need this information you can access it again in the integration zone within Hostfully.

8. Click on “Continue” and you will be required to Test the trigger - Click on “Test trigger” to get a successful message.

Please, bear in mind that you may have no results for this trigger, specially with new accounts. It’s safe to skip this step (please refer Step 8b)

Successfully tested

Click on continue

8b. You may encounter that no suitable information was returned. In this case, don’t worry, it’s safe to click on “Skip Test”

9. Now you have to select an action. Here you configure what action will be taken when the Trigger is fired. In this example, I’ll send an email using the Gmail account

Click on Continue

10. Select your gmail account. I have already authorized the connection, but you will have to do it if this is the first time.

Click on Continue

11. For this particular Action (Send email), you will be asked to fill in the information that will be part of the email. Some of this fields are optional. Read the instructions and fill as decided.

12. Zapier can help you auto-complete anything using the information pulled from the Hostfully Service. Here you can see some of the fields that Zapier identified, and you can click on the one you’ll want to use

Here is a help article where you can find more details on all the Available Hostfully Fields for Zapier.

I created an email body formatted with very simple HTML and some information pulled from the service:

When you are done, you can click on “continue” to go on

13. Once it’s configured, you can review the information and you should test the trigger (strongly advised)

Click on “Test & Continue”

Alright! Click on Turn on Zap and you’ll be done

14. Get back to Hostfully and create a new Lead, or wait until you get a new reservation

The email has arrived. We are all set and ready to go.

Interested in some use cases with Hostfully <> Zapier integration? Check out the below article covering import guest contacts into Google Sheets and Mailchimp.

Zapier Use Cases

Hope it helps, and please let us know if you have further questions, via pop-up chat on the right bottom, or via email to

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