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Automated Messaging Setup - Creating Custom Templates and Triggers

Hostfully's Property Management Platform custom email templates use a technology called a WYSIWYG editor.

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor makes creating or editing HTML as simple as typing in text and then using the toolbar to format and add styles without needing to program in HTML directly.

  • Advantage: non-technical people can use plain language on the front end to create HTML on the back end.

  • Disadvantage: the editor itself can be sensitive, especially when you copy and paste content from another source. The special characters are not visible in the editor, only in the view HTML mode. This can result in unexpected spaces and alignment.

A few ways to avoid that:

1. Type the content directly into the editor without copying and pasting from another source. This might take long and most people prefer to copy and paste so please see step 2 to avoid coping and pasting special characters without knowing about them.

2. Copy the content and paste into a plain text file (not rich text) first. Format for spacing and line breaks in that text file. Then copy from the text file into the PMP editor. Use the editor to add any formatting (bold, italic, etc.). This is the most simple way to copy and paste.

3. Copy the content and paste into the PMP editor, click the view HTML button. Copy the HTML from there and paste it into an HTML validator. I like The W3C Markup Validation Service. The validator will most likely point out errors in the HTML. But this might be slightly more difficult to recognize and understand for someone who is not familiar with HTML.

Frequently asked question

Why does my message show extra paragraph spacing and how to fix that?
The paragraph spacing in HTML also counts, so when coupled with the tags <p></p> (used to create paragraphs), it results in extra spacing. You can fix this by removing the extra spacing of the message in its HTML code.

Before (HTML code and message with extra spacing)

After (HTML code message without extra spacing)

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