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Sometime it also comes as "You can only host long-term rentals (29 or more)".

The reason why you are getting this error is because this listing is not registered for short term rentals and because this property can only be booked for longer-term stay.

Please review this help article presenting the hosting requirements in Palm Beach, FL for example. If you want to list it as a long term rental, please update min night to 181 days.

However, if you want to list this property as short-term then the listing should get registered via your Airbnb account with following link

(Replace xxxxxxxx with the Airbnb Listing ID you want to register with short-term rentals)

To locate the Airbnb Listing ID , you can go to Manage Listings on Airbnb and on the address line you will see your listing ID - it should read like:
Https://, which is 1234567 in this case

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