Since 2006, NextPax serves the vacation rental market with a unified platform connecting owners, property managers (PMs) and agents to offer, book and update properties through all available channels. Updates and bookings are registered instantly and synced throughout the network.

Thanks to the NextPax - Hostfully integration, property managers can synchronize their Hostfully properties into their NextPax account and subsequently connect them to their preferred channels.


  1. PMs of any size using NextPax for one of the major channels (, Expedia, Airbnb, Vrbo)

  2. PMs that only want to work with NextPax on 2nd tier / niche channels will require a minimum of 10 properties.


On Hostfully

Step 1: Log-in to your Hostfully account and access the Channels page

next pax

Step 2: Scroll down and enable the NextPax switch.

You will be prompted on next steps as below:

With "Manage this channel" link, you will have the ability to specify which property to turn ON for this channel.

Step 3: Access Agency Settings and obtain your Hostfully Agency UID under the Main Settings tab. (instructions)

On NextPax

Step 1: Contact NextPax by emailing or directly scheduling a call with them using the following scheduling links:

Jim Barsch

Lee Kramer

Step 2: After your call with NextPax you will need to sign an agreement with them

Step 3: NextPax will send a welcome email to you introducing your account manager, next steps to onboard, information needed start onboarding the channels you’ve signed up for (list of channels) with them

Step 4: Send your Agency UID above to and to your account manager. They will configure it in their systems and import the properties you have enabled in Hostfully for them.

Step 5: NextPax will do a data review to ensure all of your content looks correct. They will also send you logins to their system so you can take a look at your properties

Step 6: Schedule a meeting with your account manager at NextPax to review your properties, training on the system, learn next steps based on the channels you want to list on.

Step 7: Finish onboarding with NextPax and the channels signed up for.

Nextpax support: and

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