Staymenity is an online marketplace where hosts offer their spaces (ie. pools, basketball courts, private beaches, etc.) to guests at an hourly rate. Guests will have the ability to search and filter spaces by type, location, date & time, price range, number of guests, number of hours, features, rules, deposit fee, and cleaning fee.

Getting Started

A. Setup an Account and Create a Listing on Staymenity

1. Setup account and Create a Listing

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Scroll to the top right section to either log in or sign up for an account using any of the methods shown.

Step 3: After signing up/logging in as a host, you will be required to verify your identity.

  • At this point, you can select the, “Verify Your ID” Tab in the header of the site page.

  • Here you will reach the page to continue to our portal site where you will go through our identity verification process powered through Autohost AI verification technology.

  • Once you have gone through the verification process and have been approved, you can then navigate to the “listings” tab.

Step 4: Select “Create Listing” to begin the process of creating a new amenity

space listing

2. Payment and Payout: are 2 different things, one for guest and the other for host just like Airbnb.

Payments mean you are paying Staymenity to rent a space. Credit/debit cards are supported.

Payouts are for hosts only. Payout means you get paid by Staymenity via Stripe.

  • Payout process: as a host, you connect your bank account using your routing and account number OR a debit card. Then you can receive money from Staymenity.

B. How to Sync a Staymenity listing with Hostfully listing

Step 1: Linking Staymenity account to Hostfully account (for an existing account in both Staymenity and Hostfully)

a. Toggle ON Staymenity under Channels at the drop-down menu in Hostfully

b. Copy your Agency UID (unique ID) in Agency Setting in Hostfully

c. Paste your Agency UID in the Integrations tab in Staymenity account settings and Save.

Step 2: Linking existing Staymenity properties with corresponding Hostfully properties.

a. In Hostfully, choose Properties in the drop-down menu, select the desired property, and get its unique ID (long number string) from either the browser URL, or the relevant field on the property's Main Settings tab. (the long string of 8-4-4-4-12 digits)

b. In Staymenity go to edit your corresponding property, go to the Integrations tab, paste the UID and save.

c. Last step is to TURN ON sync between Hostfully property and Staymenity listing. In

Hostfully, go to Account -> Channels, find Staymenity and hit Manage this Channel.

Then Activate the listing.


  • Turning on sync should be done AFTER the property is successfully edited and ready to go live in Staymenity.

  • As Staymenity blocks a property for 1 day, min. stay in Hostfully should be set up to 1 day.

C. Understanding Autohost Verification Status for guests / bookers


All guests are recommended to go through the verification process to build trust within the community.

The button: GET VERIFIED shows before initiating verification only. Once initiated, it goes away.


When a guest initiate the verification process, their status changes to Pending, and they need to fill out information and upload required documents.

The button or link: ADD INFO AND DOCUMENTS will be shown once verification has started but not all the documents were uploaded or not all the information was submitted. Once move on to REVIEW status this button should go away.


Once all the information and documents are uploaded, Staymenity starts the verification process which can take from a few minutes to several business days.


When the process is successfully finalized the status will change to VERIFIED and the guest will receive a confirmation email from us.

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