To start with, you can mark your property as Allowed Pets on the Amenities tab.

There will be 2 options:

  • If you allow pets for free, that's it and you don't need further settings. On, a disclaimer will show as below:

  • If you allow pets with a charge, you can proceed to property's Fees & Policies tab

    Then add a new fee as Pet Fee on (you can map it to relevant fee on other channels as well. Please refer to this Fees, Taxes and Policies article for more details).

    With the Pet Fee set up, another disclaimer will show as below on


  • This setting is applied to all the sub-units of the listing, even though you may have independent units, they share the same listing level policy.

  • handles the Pet Fee charges as a Policy. Setting this fee as above in Hostfully will enable a disclaimer when the guest places the that will warn that pets will have a charge.

    The process of collecting the pet fee must be done manually, where the guest should inform a pet is arriving and then the fee can be charged accordingly. For more details about this, the PM should contact support team.

Tips: If you are integrating with Hostfully Guidebook Platform, you can also make an upselling item for this Pet Fee via Marketplace feature, and send it to the guest in order to collect it. For more details please refer to this help article on Guidebook Marketplace.

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