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Communication is key for a smooth 5-star guest experience! Here are some examples of the most commonly sent messages for short-term vacation rentals. The variables are already included! Copy and paste these into a custom template and then customize/edit your message.

Templates for Guidebook Users:

Thanks for booking: Booking Confirmed

Hello [$GUEST_NAME$],

Thank you for booking [$PROPERTY_NAME$]! We are so excited to host your group and we are dedicated to providing a 5-star experience. We will be in contact with you prior to your stay and will send check-in information (address, access details, door code, etc.) 1 day before your reservation. In the meantime, please take a look at the information below:

  1. First, please take a look at our Guidebook to view the details of the property, frequently asked questions, our favorite restaurants, and other fantastic local recommendations [$PROPERTY_GUIDEBOOKURL$]

  2. Second, we would love some additional information about your stay and your group. Please click on the link to fill-out our Pre-Arrival Form: [$GUEST_INFO_URL$]

  3. Third, if you haven’t already, please sign and agree to our rental conditions:[$ORDER_UID$]

If there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable, please let us know. We look forward to hosting you and thanks again for booking with [$AGENCY_NAME$].

See you soon!



Your Stay is Approaching: 2 weeks before stay starts


Your trip at [$PROPERTY_NAME$] is almost here! We hope you are getting excited! To ensure a smooth check-in process, please review the house manual and property details on your Guidebook: [$PROPERTY_GUIDEBOOKURL$]

We will send access instructions and the door code the day before your arrival. This way, you can arrive anytime after check-in ( [$LEAD_CHECKIN_TIME$]) and make yourself right at home!

The guidebook is a great resource if you have specific questions about the property (coffee maker, parking, house rules, etc.) but if you need additional information please reach out!

Your hosts,



Check-in: 1 day before stay starts

*This template contains the Pincode and Check-In Instructions variable. Please see the Understanding System Variables article for more information on the information populated from these variable*

Hello [$GUEST_NAME$],

We are so excited for your arrival tomorrow on [$LEAD_CHECKIN$]. Please review your reservation details and the instructions below:

Property: [$PROPERTY_NAME$]



Check-In Time: [$LEAD_CHECKIN_TIME$]

Check-out Time: [$LEAD_CHECKOUT_TIME$]




Access Instructions:


Now, before you arrive please take a look at our interactive Guidebook where you will find the house manual, local recommendations, and other details for your stay:


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [$EMPLOYEE_EMAIL$] or [$EMPLOYEE_CELL_PHONE_NUMBER$]..

Thank you for staying with us and safe travels,



During Stay Check-up: 1 day after stay starts


We hope you are settled in and enjoyed your first night at [$PROPERTY_NAME$]! We hope you feel at home and want to check in to see how everything is?

We strive to give every guest a 5-star experience! If there is anything we can do to better your stay, please reach out so we can have a chance to elevate your experience. We want your stay to be an enjoyable one!

Just a reminder - we will send check-out instructions the day before you leave. You can also find them in your guidebook: [$PROPERTY_GUIDEBOOKURL$].




Check-out: 1 day before stay ends


We hope you've had an amazing stay at [$PROPERTY_NAME$] and that the accommodations have exceeded your expectations.

We know accidents happen - if there are any accidental damages or issues, please reply back or give us a call so we can address the issues before our incoming guests. Your security deposit will be refunded after we have done a walk through of the home (funds can take up to 5-10 days to reflect in your account).

Here are your checkout instructions (which can also be found in your guidebook):

1. Check-out time is at [$LEAD_CHECKOUT_TIME$]. To ensure we have time to prepare for our incoming guests, please be prepared to leave on time. Our cleaners will need to access the property to sanitize and prepare the home.

2. Please lock all windows and doors upon departure

3. Wash any dishes and start dishwasher

4. Leave any dirty towels in the bathtubs/showers

5. No need to strip the beds - our cleaners will take care of those for you!

6. Remove all trash from the property and dispose in the garbage bins

7. Check throughout the house (including under the beds, in drawers, and around all electrical outlets) for any personal items.

8. Turn off all lights

9. If you've moved any furniture or belongings, please put them back in their original places.

10. Sign our guest book - we'd love to hear about your favorite memory made at [$PROPERTY_NAME$].

Thank you so much for choosing [$PROPERTY_NAME$]! We hope you'll leave a positive review and will come back soon!

Safe travels,



Thanks again/Review Request: 2 days after stay ends

Hello [$GUEST_NAME$],

We hope you made it home or to your next destination safely. You have been an amazing guest! Thank you for taking good care of the home and keeping it tidy.

Please take a moment to share your input on your experience at [$PROPERTY_NAME$]. Our goal is to provide a smooth check in process, clear communication, and comfortable accommodations/amenities. Did we succeed? We are constantly working on how to improve our guest experience, so we would love to hear from you!

Reviews and ratings are what keep guests coming back. We would greatly appreciate a review from you! Please leave a review on the booking channel (Airbnb, VRBO, that you've used to plan your trip. We will also be reviewing you as a guest.

For future stays, please check out our direct website: [$PROPERTY_PUBLIC_LINK$]

Thanks again,



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