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Airbnb reviews are the great way to wrap up a reservation where both parties have up to 14 days to give their thought about the experience and/or how it can be better. This also serves as reference for the Airbnb community when it comes to making plans. (reference)

If you give your guest a positive review, chances are high they will also give you back one and building up reviews does matter in the long run. With many properties and reservations it can be a daunting task to keep up with all the reviews going on but no worry, here we are with Hostfully Airbnb Automated Reviews feature as below:

  • Review template: no longer write up a review from scratch, and can have up to 5 templates.

  • Review trigger: automatically send out 5-star reviews at pre-defined time after a guest's checkout. It also rotates from above template banks to make sure not every review is the same.

  • You still have full control in case things go south for a booking, where a specific scheduled review can be removed, and you can manually handle it.

Getting Started

  1. Prerequisite

  2. Create review templates

  3. Create review triggers & Automate the review process

  4. Stop the automated review & Manually review a guest


Make sure an Airbnb account is connected. Under your PMP's Agency dropdown, go to Channels > Airbnb and connect to your Airbnb account.

Create review templates

Under the PMP's Agency dropdown, go to Templates & Triggers > Reviews tab, and proceed with the green button.

A window will pop up where you can create the first review template.

  • Review Title: title of the review

  • Rate: overall score (default to 5 - maximum)

  • Category where the score applied: (default to 5 - maximum)

    • Cleanliness

    • Communication

    • Respect house rules

  • Is guest recommended?: (default to Yes)

  • Comment: the review itself and visible on Airbnb Listing. You can also insert variable here.

  • Private Feedback: optional.

You can create up to 5 review templates, which later will be used randomly by the review triggers to avoid giving same review every time.

Create review triggers & Automate the review process

Let's get to the automation part. With the review template created, we can now create the trigger(s) to post review automatically after guest's stay. Make sure you already have Airbnb account connected per Prerequisite step.

Still under the Templates & Triggers section within Hostfully PMP, you can get to the Triggers tab, and proceed with the green button there. A Create Trigger window as below will show up, and you can specify it as below:

  • When this event occurs: Time-based Event

  • Trigger: Post Review >>> This will also set:

    • The above field From this channel to be Airbnb

    • The below field And these conditions are fulfilled to be After Stay Ends

  • You can set the number of Date where you want to review to be posted.

  • And choose the applicable properties at the field For this property

Make sure to hit the Create Trigger button, and you will see the created trigger as below.

Now you can sit back and let the system do the magic!

Leads / Bookings will be analyzed and scheduled accordingly per the set up trigger, and visible under Templates & Triggers > Review tabs > Airbnb Guest Review Status

You will have the option to filter the reviews with Status and Property, also Search for review with Guest Name or Email.

For Status filter, there are:

  • All

  • Scheduled

  • Cancelled

  • Failed

  • Posted: including Posted (posted by Hostfully) and Already Posted (posted by the host in Airbnb).

Stop the automated reviews & Manually review a guest

If you would like to prevent an automated review from posting, in case the guest is not a 5-star review, you can check the Airbnb Guest Review Status section as below for scheduled reviews, and Cancel it.

The scheduled review for that guest will then be cancelled, and you can ignore for good, or handle it manually.

A window will pop up, where you can create the review manually.

Once created, the cancelled review status will be updated accordingly.

Please let us know if there are any questions via pop-up chat on the page's bottom, or via email to

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