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Activating the Hostfully Channel

Setting up the Hostfully Search Widget

You work hard and spend valuable money to direct traffic to your direct booking site, and your time and money are wasted when a guest leaves your site because you don’t have exactly the right availability.

With the lead capture form, you’ll acquire not only the guest’s email but also their search request, so that you can respond to them with a similar offer. Some companies also use this feature to share leads with neighboring property management companies.

These high intent leads are 5X more valuable than a lead who has not searched your website, and we’re delighted to help you capture their information and convert them into additional bookings.

How this feature works:

  • Guest searches your site but doesn’t see any availability given their search request

  • Form is displayed asking for the guest’s email with the promise that your team will reach out if there is a suitable option

  • You receive an email with the guest’s email and exact search request

  • You use this valuable information to redirect the guest to another property or rental

  • You can add this customer to your database for future marketing purposes


  • Stop letting valuable leads slip through your fingertips

  • Additional revenue to convert via your website

  • Higher margins than through 3rd party booking channels

  • More customers for your marketing database

Below form displayed where there is no availability returned.

Once the guest confirms and sends their contacts, Property Manager (PM) will receive via email as below

Please let us know if there is any question via pop-up chat on the page's bottom, or via email to

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