Homads helps people relocate well by using smart technology to locate neighborhoods as unique as them. Whether you're new to town or just need an extended stay, Homads' mid-term rentals let you test drive a city without sacrificing the comforts of home.

With the integration between Hostfully PMP and Homads, Property Managers - PM, can expose their inventory to mid-term rentals marketplace with just a couple of clicks, and manage the centralized availability across channels right within Hostfully PMP.

Getting Started

Step 1: In Hostfully, under Agency dropdown, go to Channels & toggle Homads ON.

Step 2: Click on the Manage this channel link, and choose specific properties to go live on Homads.

Step 3: Get your Agency UID from Hostfully PMP. (instructions)

Step 4: Log in to Homads (or Sign up for an account) at https://www.homads.com/users/sign_in

There, under your profile icon in the top right corner, go to Edit Profile

Scroll down to Hostfully Agency UID, and fill in the Agency UID from Step 1

Make sure you hit the Update button at the bottom of the above page, and you should get this message afterwards.

Now you just need to wait for the integration to work and that's it!

Rule of engagement

  1. Homads bookings are request-to-book by design.

  2. Homads calculate monthly rate based on property Nightly Base Price (in Hostfully Property's Main Settings tab) and NOT on the daily rates (in Property's Pricing tab)

  3. Generally Homads' renters will message with PMs before requesting to book.

  4. Upon making a request, the renter submit all details including payment and pending on PM's acceptance.

  5. PM will receive an email on the request, and can proceed accordingly, like decline, response, accept & respond.

  6. Once accepted, the payment will be processed automatically. The calendar will be blocked out on both Homads and Hostfully. The renter and host will both be notified that the booking has been accepted.

Please let us know if there are any questions.

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