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1 - Types of Hostfully API key and what do they mean?

  • Agency API key: available automatically for Hostfully PMP Premium clients to do their own manipulation with data, build their own apps etc... This key will have full access to all the agency's details.

  • Affiliate API key: granted to Hostfully partners on channels and integrations. When a Hostfully PMP client turns on the integration, the affiliate will have (partial) access to their data through this API key.

2 - Which environment can be used?

  • Sandbox: test environment, where endpoints come with sandbox prefix.
    For example: Please email with your use case to get a Sandbox account.

  • Production: live environment for all clients and affiliates. Make sure you have things up and running in Sandbox before we can grant you access to Production.

Make sure you use the relevant API key for each environment.

3 - What are those UIDs?

They are the unique identifier for the associated entity. Make sure the correct UID is being used calling the related endpoints.

  • Agency UID: can include multiple property UIDs

  • Property UID: can include multiple lead UIDs

  • Lead UID: unique identifier for each lead

  • Order UID: the order details of a lead

4 - Privacy policy

Guest personal details from our clients are not disclosed through APIs to affiliates.

5 - Which version of API to be used?

  • v1 is already deprecated and no longer supported (except for leads endpoint)

  • v2 is stable, and recommended with ongoing support and development

6 - What Hostfully APIs don't support? (To name a few)

  • iCal

  • Import Airbnb property into Sandbox

  • Connection between photos and local spots

  • Migration between Sandbox <> Production environments

7 - How I can suggest improvement to Hostfully APIs?

Our Uservoice forum: always welcomes new ideas and suggestions.

8 - How I can get support about Hostfully APIs?

You can email all api-related questions to and make sure to include the partner company you are doing development work for, so we know what this is regarding, along with specific screenshots and/or error messages so that our technical customer support can help troubleshoot.

9 - What's the API call limit? And the best practices to not hit it?

The call limit is default at 1000 calls / hours. If you need a higher quota, please let us know via about your use case and we will decide accordingly.

Best practice is to have data pushed to you when an event / update occurs via webhooks rather than pulling on a set schedule. It's a reliable source for updates and changes.

As a fall back, a partner can pull data once or twice a day (or whenever you are most comfortable with and fits within the hourly limit) and cache it in order to reduce the number of requests being sent. Each request result should be cached or persisted on partner’s end. This saves everyone cloud resources & partners the quota.

Also we have started adding new endpoints that aggregate data sets in order to help partners reduce the number of calls being sent. Examples:

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