Protect your home, your neighbors’ peace and quiet and your guests’ privacy with Minut. Get real-time notifications on noise, motion, temperature, humidity in your property, from anywhere in the world. Prevent parties, look after your home and build trust with neighbors. All without compromising on privacy.

Now with the Hostfully - Minut integration, Property Managers can automate the data between the 2 systems and have total control on the properties and guests from anywhere in real-time.

Getting Started

1. From your Minut dashboard go in the Integrations tab

2. Choose Hostfully PMP

3. Connect Hostfully PMP to your Minut account

(under Connect & Configure tab)

You will be prompted to input the Hostfully Agency UID in order to proceed. Here's the instructions on how to get the Agency UID.

it should look like this if the connection is successfully established.

4. Log into Hostfully, and from your Agency dropdown, go to Integrations and toggle Minut ON.

Then, you can go to the Settings link, and activate it on the listing / property level. Only activated properties / listings will show up on your Minut account.

5. Back into your Minut account, you can now select and connect your homes between your PMS and Minut.

Note: make sure your "homes" are already there on Minut, or you can create a new one under Homes tab.

afterwards, you can go to Minut > Integrations > Hostfully > Connect & Configure tab and link Hostfully listings you toggle ON earlier in step 4, with relevant Minut homes.

successfully connected homes should look like this.

6. You can now sit back and enjoy the integration.

Your guests from Hostfully will show up in your Minut home automatically in almost real-time manner, or at most a couple minutes.

If there is any question on the integration, feel free to reach out to Minut at

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