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For now, due to the build of the platform, Hostfully needs to specify at least 1 bedroom in the setting, therefore on Airbnb it shows a minimum of 1 bedroom on the listing title description. This may not reflect correctly the property characteristic, for examples, studios with 0 bedroom like in the image below.

The solution is to opt for Limited Sync (or partial sync). Instead of syncing everything, Limited Sync would only sync rates and availability. Listing details (description, photos...) are managed on Airbnb, thus would reflect correctly 0 bedroom.

How to do this:

1. Make sure the Hostfully property is being disconnected to the Airbnb listing by going to Hostfully > Channels > Airbnb (Manage this channel) > toggle OFF for the property

2. Go to Airbnb and set up the correct details (0 bedroom) for the listing.

3. Go to Hostfully > Channels > Airbnb (Manage this channel) > toggle ON and map the listings again, this time tick the box "Use partial sync only"

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