You can now build a simple but complete guidebook in about 7 minutes by answering a series of questions using our Guidebook Quick Start Wizard.

Now, when you click to create a new guidebook, you will be prompted with a the following dialog and you have the option to build your guidebook from scratch, or use the wizard:

Once you click "Use Wizard" you'll be guided through 10 quick steps that will help you fill in all the basic information for your guidebook, and you can skip any of these steps (except the location).

  • Location (required)

  • Check-in Time

  • Check-out Time

  • Wifi Info

  • Host Welcome Message

  • Directions

  • Parking

  • House Rules

  • Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Local Recommendations

Once you have filled out these steps you will have a guidebook that is ready to publish and send out to guests right away.

Of course, you can always go in and edit any of the information created by this wizard and add more details to each card to make it more complete, but this'll get you 10 steps in the right direction right away!

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