Enhanced Reporting is an improvement on the Hostfully reporting feature, aiming to shape up one of the core task of Vacation Rental Managers' (VRMs) operation with below goals:

  • Offer standard default report that can be used instantly with a couple clicks

  • Allow VRMs to customize default reports by deciding which columns to include or exclude.

  • Provide transparency into the default calculations used in report fields.

  • Allow customers to change the default calculations to better fit their business needs.

Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wuAg2gJc4R9Ma0vS-3Lb1tTgKERkWFmN/view

  • begin - 06:00: Introduction & Navigation (UI, and test run a report)

  • 06:00 - 11:00: Customize report - General mechanism (drag & drop to add / move / remove fields)

  • 11:00 - 21:30: Customize report - Field Specification

  • 21:30 - end: Q&As (restore modified report & set filters)

Table of content:

A. Navigation

B. Customize the report template

C. Customize the calculation / formulas

D. Owner Reports

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Getting Started

A - Navigation

(It's still under BETA mode / Work-In-Progress at the moment and may not be widely available to all users yet)

Under your Agency dropdown, go to Enhanced Reporting. There are 5 categories, and each includes default template(s) and custom template(s) if any.

  1. Financial Reports:

    • Financial Report:

    • Booking Reports: booking details as a whole, based on checkin date.

    • Revenue Reports: monthly perspective, where earning is split into month(s).

  2. Fee Reports: focus on booking's tax/fee only

  3. Transaction Reports: records of booking's transactional details

  4. Logistics Reports: operational details on upcoming checkins / checkouts

  5. Owner Reports:

    • Owner Adjustment: expense to offset with property owners

    • Owner Report: the payout to the owner. (bookings minus adjustments)

For every report, you will have the option to:

  • Run the report

    • Generated reports (once 100% processed) will be listed below, in HTML | PDF | CSV formats.

  • Customize the report

  • Schedule the report

    Scheduled report will be shared to the owner portal (in cases there's a single owner specified in a report).

  • View the report's schedule

    You can also Edit or Delete the scheduled report as below:

  • (Delete the custom report if any)


  • The report is scheduled to be run at midnight on the date scheduled, relative to the VRM's timezone. However reports are queued for execution to avoid overloading the server, so the actual time the report is run will depend on where it ends up in the queue.

  • When subscribing and sharing reports with owners, the VRM must select an owner in the filter FIRST and then they have the option to share with that owner. This is to make sure that the reports are shared with the correct owners and not accidentally with the incorrect owner.

B - Customize the report template

From the main Enhanced Reporting UI, click on any template Customize button to get to the next screen.

On the top section, you can

  • Rename the template

  • Set Filters of Owners | Properties | Tags, and get to the below screen

  • Set Descriptions for the report:

Then, moving to the next section, which represents the columns in your report. Here you can:

  • Drag and drop the existing column(s) to re-arrange or remove

  • Drag and drop items from the Field Catalog below to add to current columns

Once finished, you can hit the Save button on the top row to save the template, and will be redirected to the main Enhanced Reporting UI. The Custom Template will now be available choose from, beneath the Default Template(s).

C - Customize the calculation / formulas

From the Customize screen above in B, you can click on each column, or each Field Catalog item and see the field specification as below:

  • Column Heading: displayed name in the report

  • Sort Priority: either none, or there are 3 levels (1 | 2 | 3).

    • For example you want to sort first by Property (as 1), then by Check in Date (as 2), and lastly by Source (as 3) of the booking.

  • Field Name (unique for back-end reference, and not editable)

  • (Calculation)

    • Condition: (if any) to make the formula valid

    • Default: (if any) a fallback value in case condition is not met

    • Formula: show the calculations for this field / column

      • You can also drag and drop fields from catalog into this formula space

  • Formatter: how the field / column is formatted

  • Total Column: (numeric fields only) whether to include on the total footer of the report

You can then adjust each field / column's specifications as you want. Once modified, there will be an * next to the Field Specification* text.

You can also choose to restore a modified field with the Restore button.

D - Owner Reports (to be updated)


1. What does the NaN value mean in my generated report?

If your report comes with NaN (not a number) values, it means the calculation for that field doesn't work, and you can review the formula there to make sure it's correct. (no extra character, no typo, right equation, accurate item, ...)

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