SUPERHOG is the leading global digital trust platform for the vacation rental industry. SUPERHOG enables a growing ecosystem of Hosts, Operators and Guests to make their online activity safer, providing a tech-based AI-supported toolkit including biometric recognition, ID verification, and screening technology, with embedded insurance providing protection against property damage and public liability through its £1,000,000 Host guarantee.

Getting Started

A - Log into your SUPERHOG account

  • First you need to become a SUPERHOG member

  • Submit the form, SUPERHOG will then reach out to set you up

  • Once you log in to SUPERHOG, go to Integration

  • Find Hostfully in the list

B - In Hostfully, Authorize SUPERHOG

This will allow SUPERHOG to read listing and booking information in order to contact your guests to validate them

Log into your Hostfully account, and go to Integrations page > SUPERHOG as below. There you can toggle it ON, and proceed to Settings link right beside for property-level settings.

Ensure all wanted properties for SUPERHOG are toggled ON as below

C - Back to SUPERHOG

Copy & paste your Hostfully Agency ID into the SUPERHOG integrations box. (Instruction to find the Agency ID in Hostfully PMP)

Selecting your listings

  • Click ‘Refresh’, then wait a couple of minutes, then reload your webpage

  • Only select the listings you want to add to SUPERHOG, then click ‘Update’

Once this is done, listings and bookings will start to appear on the SUPERHOG account.

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