Akia is the business messaging platform designed for Vacation Rental Managers. By utilizing text-messaging as the main delivery channel, your property can create and distribute rich, highly engaging, informative guest experiences unavailable anywhere else.

Getting Started

Before you can enable the Akia integration in Hostfully, you'll need to have an existing Akia account. If not, check them out at https://www.akia.com/pricing

In Hostfully

Step 1:
Before we begin and activate the integration, obtain and provide your Hostfully's Agency ID to your Akia representative to configure your account in Akia. (instructions)

Step 2:
Once you have received confirmation from your Akia representative that your Akia account has been configured, visit the Integrations page in Hostfully and enable the Akia by toggling the switch to ON.

Step 3:
Once Akia has been enabled, click on the Settings next to the switch and enable the individual listings for Akia by toggling their switches to ON

Akia will start syncing with your bookings in Hostfully. Your existing, upcoming reservations will gradually sync in Akia; and as bookings are created, modified, or canceled, they will be synced into Akia in real-time.

In Akia

You’ll be able to verify new reservations coming through into Akia by visiting the Records tab in Akia.


Feel free to reach out to your Akia representative, send us a message on Akia Support Chat, or email help@akia.com if you have questions or need some help with the integration activation.

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