Related articles: taxes (City Tax, Tax, VAT) are primarily controlled in If you already have an established listing and are connecting it to a Hostfully property, we do not override these tax settings on your listing. Make sure to set up your taxes in and if you still want to send additional taxes/fees you can set those up in the fees and policies tab in Hostfully.

To change your tax settings in, first, try changing the taxes yourself in If you can't, follow this article to work with a rep at to have them changed.

The only time we send the value in the field "tax rate" (and City Tax and VAT) to is if you are creating a listing from a property in Hostfully. Then during the build process the tax in the Hostfully property is pushed to BDC, but after that all tax changes need to be requested in Extranet. When a listing is built, the default setting is net price + locality charges + property charges (screenshot below on Extranet)

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