As a premium client, the amount you are charged is based on the number of properties you input during sign-up process. If you add properties mid billing cycle that exceeds the initial number of properties, you can expect a charge from Hostfully for a prorated amount. If you delete properties mid billing cycle, a credit (not a refund) is placed on your account to offset the next charge.

The per property price decreases the more properties you have which can be seen here.

Below is an example taking you through the different stages of an account and how billing works for each.

Sign up and Onboarding

Let's take Vanessa for example. Vanessa has 22 properties and signs up for Premium annual. The base price for that plan is $2700 for 20 properties which she is charged immediately when signing up. Vanessa imports her 22 properties from Airbnb into Hostfully one week after starting her annual subscription and sees a new charge on her credit card and an email receipt from Hostfully for $264.82. Here is what happened:

$2700 base plan for 20 properties (charged at sign up)

$135 - charge for each property per year for properties between 20 and 25

She already paid for the base plan of 20 at sign up. Properties 21 and 22 were added 1 week into the subscription term so she will be charged for those 2 properties when she adds them, but at a prorated amount since she didn’t have those extra properties the entire subscription period.

135(2) = 270

270/365 = .74

.74(358) = 264.82

That's why she received a charge and receipt from Hostfully for $264.82 for adding those 2 properties a week into her subscription term.

Adding a property

The same logic above applies for adding a property at any point in the subscription. We look at the cost per property and prorate it based on when it is added.

Removing a property

One of Vanessa’s owners sold their house and the new owner is not going to be short term renting. Vanessa wants to remove the property from Hostfully to not be charged for it moving forward. It happens to be 6 months into the annual subscription.

The cost per property at her level is $135 a year. She deletes the property from Hostfully and a credit of $67.5 is applied to her account. There is no receipt sent since no transaction is made, but the credit is on the account to be used next time there is a charge, whether that is adding a new property during the current term or during the renewal.


Vanessa now has 21 properties. She didn’t add or remove any more throughout the year. She had a great year and accomplished her Hostfully goals by automating her processes and enabling multi channel distribution with a centralized calender. It’s time for renewal.

Her cost is still $2700 for the base plan and $135 for the additional property. If you remember, she deleted a property mid billing cycle and has a credit on her account for $67.5 That credit is applied and the total charge for the annual renewal is $2767.5.

Please note:

Inactive properties count toward your total properties since we still host the data. If you don’t want to be charged for a property, it must be deleted from the system. Please note, if you delete the property, you will lose the data associated with it.

Each sub unit counts as a separate property. 1 master and 2 sub units would count as 3 properties.

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