Your rooms on can happen to be hard-closed (as below screenshot, which you can see from Extranet > Rates & Availability > Calendar). The process to re-open can be done via your Extranet.

Make sure you are not currently connected to any Connectivity Provider (with Hostfully being one) during the process, and no worry, you can always reconnect afterwards.

Getting Started:

Step 1: On Extranet, under Account > Connectivity Provider, you can Disconnect from the current connectivity provider (for example: Hostfully)

Step 2: Under Rates & Availability dropdown, choose Open/Close Rooms and specify accordingly (make sure the date range is specified).

Step 3:. Under Rates & Availability dropdown, go to Calendar to make sure the dates are open now.

Step 4: Go back to Account > Connectivity Provider, and connect to Hostfully again [Instruction].

P/S: If you find any difficulties throughout the process, you can contact LPS team via Extranet.

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