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November 2022

Full control over system templates: the ON/OFF toggle has been implemented under the System Templates tab. You can decide whether or not to automatically send those system templates to guests.πŸ‘Œ

New integration: OK2ChargeπŸ”‹The integration between Hostfully Property Management Platform and OK2Charge will allow you to offer EV Charging services to your guests.πŸš—

πŸ”₯The Mobile App has arrived!πŸ”₯The Hostfully Mobile App πŸ“± (beta version) is live and ready for you to use πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€. Download it on Apple iOS or Google Android now!

October 2022

Work leads without assigning them: and from anywhere in the product. Now take action on unassigned leads and they will be automatically assigned to your name. Before, you would need to manually assign them under your name first in the dashboard. πŸ˜‰

New integration: ChargeAutomation is a globally-recognized leader in online check-in, payment automation, deposit collection and upsell. More info here 😍

Employees' roles in Account and Agency screens: are now specified! This saves you from having to do multiple clicks to see employees' roles for your agency. πŸ‘

Microsoft email settings: besides Gmail, you can also use your Microsoft email for Hostfully Email Settings. πŸ“§

September 2022

Internal Property Name in Hostfully now shows in as the internal name in Airbnb: when viewing your properties in the Airbnb Host portal. Now you can easily remember which property is which and keep things consistent. πŸ”₯

Right to Rent: this program helps protect the rights of property owners to rent their vacation homes and businesses’ rights to rent vacation properties. You will see a button to enable contributions to VRMA Right to Rent Program at the bottom of your Agency Settings page.πŸ’‘ Primary and Secondary Check-in options: can be easily set at the bottom of the main settings on the property page. This will increase your listing quality and help set better expectations for guests. More info can be found here! πŸ“‘

More cancellation policies: were added. You can adjust your cancellation policy on the channels page. πŸ™Œ

Airbnb Rooms & Spaces: now you can control Airbnb's "Where you'll sleep" section from Hostfully Property Management Platform. This article will walk you through how to set it up. πŸ’―

August 2022

Hostfully Pricing Rules: a toggle has been added for you to choose whether or not to override Airbnb rule-sets with the 3 rules from Hostfully. That'd be helpful if you already built different rule-sets on Airbnb and want to manage directly on Airbnb.🀞

Vrbo cancellation policy: is able to be set at the property level! You can now have different cancellation policies per property on Vrbo. Before you could only choose 1 for all your properties. 🀩

Complex triggers: allow you to write expressions that contain β€œand” conditions. An example of complex triggers, is send the guest a welcome email three days before check-in AND if the booking is paid in full. 🀯

New integration: RedAwning presents one of the world's largest collections of vacation properties to guests wherever they shop for travel. With over 20,000 properties represented on behalf of thousands of independent and professional hosts, RedAwning covers virtually every leisure destination in North America, and includes a comprehensive layer of exclusive services and support with every stay. Expand your reach today! Help article here! 🐦

More Airbnb amenities: were added! Apply them to your properties in Hostfully to up your listing quality! πŸ“ˆ

A list of new amenities are below:

cleaning products, body soap, conditioner, shower gel, clothing storage, extra pillows and blankets, books and reading material, board games, portable fans, coffee, dining table, freezer, rice maker, wine glasses, laundromat nearby, outdoor furniture, mosquito net, table corner guards, blender, hot water kettle, mini fridge, toaster, hammock, fire pit, crib

July 2022

Non-refundable rates on Airbnb: allows you to offer a discount on top of other discounts and cancellation policies and gives you greater protection against cancellations. More from us here on how to set this up. 🀩

June 2022

New integration: Intercostal Net Designs! At ICND, the team is hyperfocused on providing the best marketing and website solutions for the vacation rental industry. πŸ„β€β™€οΈ

New integration: Find Rentals! As a traveler’s guide with a large network of repeat travelers, Find Rentals sends guests directly to your website, your booking engine, your phone, and your email, keeping you in control with the guest communications.πŸ”Ž

May 2022

Mobile rates on were launched to help you capture the fastest-growing segment of bookers on Opt in now to increase visibility and conversions with this audience.

Single use discount codes were developed to provide you peace of mind a code intended for one person won't be shared and abused. More details here πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

April 2022 reservations pulled in: when connecting to a listing for the first time. This means no need to manually input them and they are now connected via API so any changes flow between and Hostfully automatically. 🀯

Automatically import daily pricing and min nights: when you import a property from Airbnb. No more importing properties from Airbnb and having to set up all your pricing and min night stays. The nightly price and min stay per night for the next 3 years comes into the Pricing Tab in Hostfully. Full details here on what is imported! 🌟

Pre-arrival form: can be customized! Decide which fields you want to display and which fields are mandatory and which are optional. More details here! πŸ“°

Service provider jobs are automatically cancelled: when the booking is cancelled. Have peace of mind your associated jobs are automatically cancelled if the reservation is cancelled. We also created a new system template which is automatically sent to service providers when this happens. βœ”οΈ

Failed transaction reasons: for Stripe payments are shown on the Transactions Tab and in the System Template for payment failed. We're displaying the exact failed payment message we receive from the payment processor as well as which reservation it is related to πŸ’³

New integration: Boostly! Let Boostly build you a powerful direct booking website that's just right for you! ⬆️

March 2022

Airbnb inquires: from Airbnb's messaging app are now supported and will come into Hostfully, just like requests to book and confirmed reservations do. No need to login to Airbnb anymore to respond to them. You can set up automated messaging to have an auto reply to them. See more details here. ❔

Two way text messaging: is now available for all subscriptions supporting SMS. This article explains the new feature in more detail. 🀳

Attachments: are now supported for Airbnb direct messages. This means you can send your Airbnb guest a message with a photo or file attached directly from Hostfully. They can also send you messages with files or photos attached and you will receive them in the inbox. Supported file types: PDF, JPEG, GIF. Here is more information on the inbox. πŸ“·

February 2022

Automatically charge the second payment: when you spilt payments and 100% is not due at the time of booking. No more relying on the guest to receive the balance due email and pay up on their own. It will process automatically. This is only for direct bookings and Stripe. πŸ’³

New integration: VRAccountant by Ximplifi connects Hostfully to QuickBooks Online to automate manual accounting tasks. See our help article for next steps! πŸ”’

New inbox message notifications: are now available via email and SMS. These will help you receive push notifications when messages are received in the Hostfully inbox and keep your response time down. This article will walk you through how to set these up! πŸ“²

Accept/Decline: reservations on mobile was developed. You can now accept/decline booking requests on smaller screens! This functionality was also noted for our app we are building. βœ…πŸš«

White labeling: on the direct website was extended to all pages in the check out flow to create a more seamless customer experience and increase brand awareness for your company. Your white labeling also now shows on the pre arrival form guests complete. πŸ“ƒ

January 2022

Airbnb Pet fee: is now supported and can be configured directly in Hostfully's fees and policies tab. Charge for your guest's fury friends! 🐢😻

Airbnb Short-term Cleaning fee: is now supported. This provides your more flexibility for offering a reduced cleaning fee for shorter stays 🧹

"From" price: on the direct booking site is now configurable. You have the option to remove it from the widget if you would like. Some PMs mentioned this price can be misleading so we provide the option to not display before dates are selected. πŸ’Έ

New template variable "Rent": has been added to templates. This is a great way to send the rent information to your owners without sending them the "total" amount which includes taxes and fees. πŸ’°

New template variable "Deposit Payment": has been added to templates. This is a great way to automatically tell the guest how much is due right now if you split payments. 🎈

Vrbo cancellation process: guests can now cancel their reservations from Vrbo and it will reflect in Hostfully. Previously, the cancellation process worked efficiently if the PM was initiating the cancellation, but not so much if the traveler submitted the cancellation. The cancellation process now works seamlessly from both sides (help article here). πŸ‘

Remotelock PIN length: is now customizable in length. We support anywhere between 4 and 8 digits. It's no longer required to be 6 digits. Find more info here! πŸ”’

December 2021

New integration: Akia is now live. The business messaging platform designed for Short Term Rental managers. By utilizing text-messaging as the main delivery channel, your property can create and distribute rich, highly engaging, informative guest experiences unavailable anywhere else. πŸ“±

New integration: Nightpricer is now live. Artificial intelligent pricing software for your short-term rental 🌌

Request to book: is now available for both Airbnb and Vrbo. You are no longer required to use instant book for these channels when using Hostfully. πŸ€©πŸŽ‰

Photo limits: have been increased. Hostfully now supports up to 99 photos per property. The prior max was 50 photos since Vrbo has a 50 photo limit. We have increased this as most channels support up to 99. If a channel supports less, the additional photos won't be sent so make sure to have your very best up front! πŸ“·

New integration: Hudson Creative Studio Integration is live. Let Hudson Creative Studio help you build a powerful direct booking website that's just right for you! 🌎

Parking amenities: have been updated for Airbnb to now offer 4 different types of parking instead of just 1. If you had the amenity "Free Parking" already checked before this release, it will stay checked and is now named, "Free parking (On premise). If you offer other types of parking, please update the amenities section for each property. πŸš™

  • Free Parking (On premise)

  • Free Parking (On street)

  • Paid Parking (Off premise)

  • Paid Parking (On premise

November 2021

Booking lead time: for was improved to provide more flexibility and standardization across the various channels. It now acts the same as Airbnb and Direct bookings. ⌚

Airbnb house manual: can now be modified from Hostfully. You can find this functionality at the bottom of the description tab for each property. If you enter any data in this text box and click save, it will override what you currently have in Airbnb. πŸ“

New amenities: have been added and the ability to create descriptions for more amenities is available. Please see the amenities tab for a complete list. πŸ•Ί

New integration: SUPERHOG is a top global digital trust platform for the vacation rental industry. 🐷

Triggers: have been updated to support more logic including ">= "operator for before stay starts on triggers. We've always had the "less than or equal to", but now we have the "more than or equal to" πŸŽ‡

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