Nightpricer - Artificial Intelligent pricing software for your short-term rental, now integrates with Hostfully Property Management Platform.

Getting Started

You will need to have an nightpricer account on

On Hostfully

To integrate Nightpricer with Hostfully you will need to complete the below steps.

First you will need to activate the Nightpricer integration under Hostfully Integration Zone, and click on Settings link.

On the next screen, choose the properties you want to connect with Nightpricer.

Lastly you will need to copy your Hostfully Agency UID. This can be found at the bottom of your Agency Settings page. (instructions)

Activate Hostfully
  • Ex. Agency UID: f3e23r23r-3232-4344-1313-r34r34r34r

On Nightpricer

Once you have your Hostfully Agency UID, enter it info the field on the "Get Started" Dialog and press "Migrate" to migrate your properties into Nightpricer.

Activate Hostfully

Properties integrated with Hostfully after the initial migration with Nightpricer will automatically appear under "Inactive" tab once the property is active in the Hostfully dashboard.

Update Default Pricing

Updating Property

  1. Navigate to the Nightpricer dashboard properties page.

  2. Click on the "Inactive" tab.

  3. Click the "Update" button on the property you would like to review and review the following fields:

Update Properties


  • basePrice: The base price the algorithm will use to determine the nightly rate

  • minLocked: The minimum amount a calendar night will be priced for all dates before Fire Sale

    • minPrice: When selected, the algorithm cannot lower the nightly rate below the set minimum, even during Fire Sale

  • maxLocked: The maximum amount a calendar night will be priced for any date except Event Dates

    • maxPrice: When selected, the algorithm cannot increase the nightly rate above the set maximum, even during for Event Dates

  • eventMin: The minimum amount a event calendar night will be priced for all dates before Fire Sale

  • eventDaysAway: The days away the event price will be "dropped"

  • priceSync: Allows you to choose whether or not the Nightpricer algorithm should be active and sync specific properties

Finish Up

Once you have updated all the defaults for your properties you will need to add events to your default calendar and then select the properties you want to attach to that calendar calendar.

Finish Properties

Calendar + Events

To maximize nightly rates for event dates, create a calendar, and enter any upcoming events, holidays, etc. that may be more valuable in your market then add the properties in that market.

The algorithm uses your custom event days to price to the upcoming events nights. The price for the event day is set on each individual property. You can create the events by visiting your calendar.

Please follow the next steps to finalize your migration.

Add Events

Select the dates you would like to make into an event and add a name for the event.

Calendar Events

Add Properties to Calendar

Select the properties you would like to add to your default calendar.

Calendar Activate

If you would like to create multiple calendars, please reach out to customer service ( for additional features.


  • If the integration is no longer active, the rates received from dynamic pricing providers are removed from Hostfully.

  • Hostfully automatically syncs with Nightpricer daily and after any manual updates Nightpricer should be synced manually with the “Sync” button on the upper right of the app dashboard.

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