This integration will help you easily manage trust accounting and owner statements by:

  • Syncing guest invoices upon confirmation

  • Voiding or updating guest invoices for changes or cancellations

  • Posting Stripe & Airbnb payments and deposits daily

  • Automatically posting management commissions upon check-in or check-out

Ximplifi also provides premium outsourced accounting services, and system implementation and optimization.

Getting Started:

1. Reach out to and submit a “Contact Us” form.

2. Work with the Ximplifi team to determine the best fit for systems and services for your company and accept proposals.

3. Log-in to your Hostfully account and access the Integrations page.

4. Find Ximplifi under the Accounting section, and toggle it ON

You will be prompted to accept Ximplifi accessing the guests' data, as they are required to create contacts within the accounting system

Then, from the Settings link, you can toggle Ximplifi ON for the property you want to integrate with.

5. Go to Agency Settings, copy and paste the Agency UID and send to Ximplifi (instructions)

6. Ximplifi will work with you to set up the integration, and train you on processes and best practices.

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