Hostfully currently supports 1 level of Master - Sub unit, meaning 1 Master unit and multiple Sub units. That's the traditional way where:

  • A booking to Master unit will block all Sub units

  • A booking to Sub unit will block Master unit, and leave other Subs open

There is another use case where another level of Sub-units are added. Let's say there are 3 properties in one compound with below setup:

  • A Master unit for 3 properties: A, B & C

  • Sub-units for each property: A, B, C

  • Groupings where guests can book 2 units at once: AB, AC & BC

That makes 7 properties in total:

  • Master ABC and 3 Subs A | B | C will have Master - Sub relations

    • Grouping A-B will consume iCal from Property A & Property B

    • Grouping A-C will consume iCal from Property A & Property C

    • Grouping B-C will consume iCal from Property B & Property C

With this setup, let's go through the scenarios below:

  • A booking / block for Master property ABC will block:

    • All 3 Sub-units A | B | C

    • Then, iCal blocks will be added to 3 Groupings AB, AC & BC

  • A booking / block for any Sub unit (let's say A) will block:

    • Master unit

    • Grouping AB & AC

  • A booking / block for any grouping property (let's say AB):

    • PM needs to manually block Sub unit A & B

    • Then, Master Unit will be blocked

    • And, Grouping BC & AC will be blocked


  • iCal sync is not instant, and a manual click on Sync button is necessary to push update.

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