Hostfully currently supports 1 level of Master - Sub unit, meaning 1 Master unit and multiple Sub units. That's the traditional way where:

  • A booking to Master unit will block all Sub units

  • A booking to Sub unit will block Master unit, and leave other Subs open

There is another use case where another level of Sub-units are added. Let's say there are 3 properties in one compound with below setup:

  • A Master unit for 3 properties: A, B & C

  • Sub-units for each property: A, B, C

  • Groupings where guests can book 2 units at once: AB, AC & BC

That makes 7 properties in total:

  • Master ABC and 3 Subs A | B | C will have Master - Sub relations

    • Grouping A-B will consume iCal from Property A & Property B

    • Grouping A-C will consume iCal from Property A & Property C

    • Grouping B-C will consume iCal from Property B & Property C

With this setup, let's go through the scenarios below:

  • A booking / block for Master property ABC will block:

    • All 3 Sub-units A | B | C

    • Then, iCal blocks will be added to 3 Groupings AB, AC & BC

  • A booking / block for any Sub unit (let's say A) will block:

    • Master unit

    • Grouping AB & AC

  • A booking / block for any grouping property (let's say AB):

    • PM needs to manually block Sub unit A & B

    • Then, Master Unit will be blocked

    • And, Grouping BC & AC will be blocked

Important Note:

  • This setup will come with a potential issue with the guest's payment link for bookings of grouped listings (AB, BC, AC). Let's say you have a direct booking for listing AB and you would need to manually block subunits A & B to avoid double-booking. However, doing so will also create overlapping blocks that are imported to the listing AB via the iCal links. The guest will see the error "Property not available" when they open the balance payment request link. In this situation, you would need to temporarily remove the iCal links (of subunits A & B) that you import to the listing AB then ask the guest to pay again. When the payment is settled, you can re-add the iCal links from the subunits to the listing AB.

  • iCal sync is not instant, and a manual click on Sync button is necessary to push update.

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