We are excited to meet with you, learn about your goals and help you streamline your business. Your onboarding specialist will be in touch within 3 business days of your sign up date to schedule the first call.

Before your first call, you'll need to complete the following. This will help us make the most of our time together. If these items are not completed 24 hours prior to your call, we'll need to reschedule. Thank you for understanding.


  1. Set up your agency settings

  2. Add your properties to the system

  3. Create accounts for any channel or integration partners you wish to use

  4. Enable a payment processor in Hostfully

If you have questions on these tasks after reviewing our content below, please send us an email at onboarding@hostfully.com or chat us in the lower right corner of your screen. We'll be able to assist.

Step 1: Set up your main settings in agency settings

Your main settings is where you enter information about your company and select defaults for your property settings. It's also where you add additional team members (if needed and your plan supports it).

This article will walk you through it. You'll find a nice video within the article on how to upload your logo so it looks professional.

Step 2: Add your properties to the system

The next step is to set up your properties in the system. You have two options for this and will find written and video instructions below.

  1. Import your properties from Airbnb (easiest) (1:38 in video)

  2. Manually enter your properties into Hostfully (beginning of video)

Note: If you import your properties from Airbnb, it will import the pricing and minimum night restrictions for each night on the calendar as it appears in Airbnb. The below video mentions it doesn't, but it has since been improved.

It is always your responsibility to do mock reservations after syncing to ensure your pricing/fees/taxes are set up as you expect.

Step 3: Create accounts for any channel or integration partner you wish to use

🌟Please come to the call with login credentials for each of the channel and integration partners you plan to use. You may be logging into their direct websites while on the call with the onboarding specialist.

This will require you to do research on the partners we provide (if you are not already using them) and set up accounts with them before your first call.

Below are helpful links to get you started. Their direct websites will have the most information on their products/services and while our onboarding specialists are well versed with our integration partners, they are Hostfully experts and we suggest speaking with the channel or integration partner directly to ask specific questions about their product/service.

Overview of our channel and integration partners

Help articles for integration partners

Help articles for our channel partners

Help articles for our channel managers

Step 4: Enable a payment processor in Hostfully

High level information on payment processors can be found here.

Airbnb payment processing remains the same when connecting to a property management software and they will continue to pay you out, but Vrbo, Booking.com and your free direct booking website Hostfully provides, will require you to be the merchant of record and use a payment processor to collect the funds from your guests and refund if needed.

We integrate with 3 of the best. Please sign up for the payment processor of your choice and follow the accompanying help article (not just the video) for detailed instructions on how to connect your payment processor to your properties in Hostfully. If you have questions on the payment processor's business model and fee structure, please reach out directly to them. They'll have the most accurate information.


Vacation Rent Payment


You did it! We're excited to talk with you soon 😁

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