You can leverage reports other people have created and add them to your Hostfully account with a single click. You can also share your templates to help others.

Table of contents:

  1. Available Custom Report Templates

  2. Contributing to the effort

  3. Steps for cloning a report

  4. Steps for importing a report from a template

Available Custom Report Templates (more to come):

Financial Reports

  1. Financial Reports

    Month-end report with formulas to show total rent+cleaning fee, then calculate the amount due to agency and due to owner off of that combined amount.

  2. Bookings Reports

    1. Bookings (Net Channel) Report

      1. Import URL: click here to import the report

      2. Usage: to calculate the Due Owner / Due Agency amounts with the channel commissions subtracted from the rent before determining the owner/agency split.

      3. Video explanation: click here to watch a video explanation

  3. Revenue Reports

    1. Guest Info Report

      1. Import URL: click here to import the report

      2. Usage: provide a list of guests' contact information, including first and last name, primary and secondary email, and phone number.

    2. Monthly Occupancy Rate

      1. Import URL: for 31 days, 30 days & 28 days

      2. Usage: provide the number and percent of nights a property is booked in a single month (one each for months that have 31, 30 and 28 days).

Fee Reports

Transaction Reports

Logistics Reports

Owner Reports

Contributing to the effort

For this to work well, we encourage the Hostfully community to share their proven report templates with us so we can share with others. You can do this by hovering over the "Customize" link to the right of the report, clicking "Copy Link Address" (as shown below) and chatting it to us along with a "Usage Description" to help us understand the purpose of the report. We'll review it and add it to this page. We and your fellow property managers thank you in advance! 🙏

Steps for cloning a report:

At the moment, there isn’t a UI for cloning a report so the procedure is a bit manual:

  1. Create a custom report template

  2. Hover over the “Customize” button and select Copy Link Address

  3. Paste the URL, and replace the string "customize.jsp" with “import_template.jsp”, as in:

    1. Initial:

    2. Edited:

The “import_template” URL can be used to either import it into your own account (creating a clone of the report) or can be used by other Hostfully users to import the report template into their own account.

Steps for importing a report from a template:

  1. Log into your Hostfully account

  2. Click on any of the Import URLs links below to import the report into your account

  3. Receive a success message as shown below

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