LODGEA enables you to run your travel website for accommodations with a self-service software while using Hostfully as PMS and Channel Manager.

LODGEA allows you to build your own booking website and engine and bring your direct bookings to the next level. As a Software-as-a-Service, it requires no programming or installation while being entirely Self-Service. Besides an optimized booking process for maximum conversion, LODGEA also includes marketing data feeds and fully automated Google Analytics and Tag Manager integrations. The integrated payment processing can be activated with the click of a button and automatically configured payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Key advantages when using LODGEA

  • Conversion optimized booking process with a fully flexible search engine

  • AI-based content optimizations and fully automated translation

  • Integrated marketing automation for Facebook, Instagram, Google and many others

  • Fully automated payment Apple Pay and Google Pay support out of the box

Getting Started

STEP 1: Enable the switch on Hostfully’s integration page.

Then, click on the Settings link and make sure to enable the switch for each property you would like to synchronize!

STEP 2: Go to the agency settings and retrieve your Agency UID

You will need your Agency UID and your Agency E-mail address to connect your Hostfully account to LODGEA in the later steps.

STEP 3: Sign-up for LODGEA

You can sign up for LODGEA at: https://signup.lodgea.com. A fully functional free trial is available.

STEP 4: Connect Hostfully within your LODGEA account

Video tutorial on how to enable Hostfully in your LODGEA account:

Inside your LODGEA account, go the “Channel connectivity” section and in “Available channel connections”, click on Hostfully. You will then be prompted to insert your “Agency UID” and your “Agency E-mail address”. Depending on the amount of properties you have activated in your Hostfully account, it may take up to 90 minutes for the initial synchronization. Any future synchronization and updates will be almost immediately, taking from a few seconds to maximum 2-3 minutes.

Once synchronized, your properties will appear in the “Inventory and properties” section.

See the LODGEA documentation for further information on how to setup and configure your LODGEA environment: https://docs.lodgea.com.

Information on how to setup your domains and other tutorials can also be found on the LODGEA YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZzBGtv0kRcFrz5K5fiJDRw

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