Whimstay's goal is to provide travelers with last-minute deals on vacation rental properties that would otherwise go unbooked.

How it works:

  • Whimstay offers exclusive deals on last-minute stays

  • at the same properties you’ll find on other major sites

  • with prices up to 60% off

For more details, check out https://whimstay.com/.

Getting Started!

Step 1: In Hostfully, under the Agency dropdown, go to Channels to toggle Whimstay ON

Step 2: Click on the Manage this channel link, and choose properties to go live on Whimstay by toggling them ON

Step 3: Get your Agency UID from the Hostfully PMP. Copy and email both to your dedicated Whimstay Account Manager.

Step 4: Your dedicated Whimstay Account Manager will complete a scheduled 20-minute onboarding call to guide you on how to setup your account on the Whimstay Host Site.

If you have any questions,

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