Viator is a company where you can schedule activities and tours through. Hostfully Guidebooks (including the free ones) are now integrated with Viator so that hosts can recommend activities and tours to guests and receive an 8% commission on each booking.


  • Hosts receive a commission on each booking made with their affiliate link

  • Increase customer satisfaction with personal recommendations

  • Doesn’t cost the host anything to set up or run, just a couple of minutes to make an account and set up on your guidebook

For more details on Commission & Payouts, please check out this article on Viator Partner Resource Center:

Getting started!

If you don't have a viator partner account yet, please go here to sign up:

If you already have one, login to your Guidebook ( From your Profile icon (top right), access User Settings

There, you will have the option to input your Viator Partner ID

Make sure to hit the Save button and that's it.

Below is a video overview of how this works

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