At ICND, the team is hyperfocused on providing the best marketing and website solutions for the vacation rental industry. That’s why they've spent over a year and a half developing newest booking engine & content management platform - Axis. Let’s dive into how ICND’s conversion-focused approach can boost YOU to incredible heights.

Getting Started:

1- Log-in to your Hostfully account and access the Integrations page;

2- Find InterCoastal Net Designs under the Website Development Section, and toggle it ON;

3- Then click on Settings and toggle ON for each of your properties.

4- Reach out to InterCoastal Net Designs via email ( ) or tell them more about your project here ( ).

5- After a product demo and project collaboration with InterCoastal Net Designs, you will need to accept the proposal for the project.

6- Provide your Agency UID to InterCoastal Net Designs to enable the integrated display and search of properties directly on your new website. (instructions)

7- InterCoastal Net Designs will work with you directly to design and build out your new website.

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