scores help you understand how to improve your listings to receive more bookings. The 5 scores are detailed below and show up on the manage channel page for within Hostfully.

  • Quality Score (Quality) - Refers to the quality rating for vacation rentals (Booking Home properties). Max score is five.

  • Guest Review Score - Refers to the average guest review score for a property. Max score is 10.

  • Reply Score - Refers to the reply rate of a property, or how well they perform when it comes to replying to guests. Max score is 100%.

  • Content Score - Refers to the quality of the property content on Max score is 100%.

  • Work Friendly Score - Refers, in percentage, how close a property is to fulfilling the necessary eligibility criteria to obtain a work-friendly badge on

Here you can see the scores next to the property.

You can click on the name of a score to see more details about it and how to improve it. Here is an example of what shows when clicking on Content Score. Please note, reply score and reviews score, don't currently expand.

For example, in this case, if I wanted to check the box for "Add swimming pool information", I would go to the amenities tab with the properties details in Hostfully, and enter a description next to the Pool amenity I am sending to

For photos, requires a minimum resolution of 1280x900.

To check photo resolution: (reference:

  • On Windows: right click on the photo's > Properties, and you can tell from the pixels on Details tab as below.

    Windows Explorer
    Windows File Properties

  • On Mac: right click on the photo > Get Info

    OSX Finder
    Upload your image to HappyMoose

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