Here are a couple of great guidebook samples to give you an idea and inspiration of how to fully take advantage of this product

A few tips on how to apply the customization and to make sure aesthetics and branding are aligned:

  • Branding:

    • Add your own logo to replace the Hostfully logo. You should add a wider rectangular image (e.g. 4 width x 1 height) because when the logo is displayed on the site, it's going to get scaled to be 50px high and automatically as wide as whatever ratio the image is in. Square logos or logos that have a more "portrait" aspect ratio end up looking REALLY small.

    • Link it to your own direct booking website or Airbnb account (Under Themes)

    • Customize your menu colors: Align the menu color with your logo branding colors to create a better UX.

      • Example I created for a client here: In order to do this, go to your Admin Dashboard > Themes > Select any category menu and fine-tune the desired color

      • Pro tip: with the color card being opened, scroll up to your logo to match the right color easier > copy the HEX color code and apply it to the other categories as well.

    • Within Themes, you are also able to remove the Baby Quip widget and activate the Splash Screen (Acknowledge guest terms & capture guest details)

  • Customize the URL. The generic one has a slug like this gbzfrxn. You can change the gbzfrxn to something more related to your property or brand (reference: How To Customize Your Hostfully Guidebook's URL)

    • For full URL customization, we offer the DOMAIN feature, which can be linked to your own domain. Since you are an Enterprise client, this feature is fully enabled. You can find the full documentation here Using your own custom domain for guidebooks

  • Less text and more images are recommended within each card to create a better viewing experience. Simply add some images corresponding to your directions.

    • Example for gaining access:

    • Pro tip: provide step by step directions of entrance points, lockbox directions, floor plans etc). Your directions card will look great google street view images. To make it even better, I'd put the text right into the image (such as directions etc), that way it appears cleaner.

    • Pro tip: Open google street view and select the most common route to your home. Take screenshots of different street view sections combined with aerial views and edit the screenshots)

  • User Interface and card covers: In your House Manuals, you are currently using a mix between icons and cards with cover images. I would recommend either applying only icons or including cover images for a more symmetrical interface. This way all cards have the same size and alignment. A few samples can be seen below

  • House manual: The house manual section should replace your traditional welcome binder.

    • Add all amenities inside this category.

    • Use the “Photo card” or even better “Video card” functionality inside house manual cards. It creates a better appearance and will always create a wow factor for your guests with easier comprehension to navigate around the amenities. I simply went on youtube to embed a couple of manufacturers “how-to” videos. My example here:

    • We also support PDF uploads & Gif cards. Here's a great example

  • For activities, what I highly recommend, is to create curated itineraries. For example, guests tend to ask “Hey host, my first time in town. Any tips on what I should do for my first day here?” - So instead of you having to write a long essay, you can simply open a card and send them the specific URL to that card with the “itinerary” based recommendation. Here’s one I created for Saigon

  • Make your recommendations more functional and personalized: For instance, add possible affiliate discount codes, add youtube videos of famous vloggers, upload certain dishes you highly recommend, list out the top dishes etc.. Here's one of my recommendation examples What I also recommend is keeping "TELL GUEST WHY YOU RECOMMEND IT" short and compact and adding longer details under "WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU LIKE TO TELL YOUR GUESTS". This also applies to keeping the user interface nice and symmetrical since all cards will remain the same size and alignment.

  • The “Recommendation Wizard” is a great tool to quickly assemble a list of top-rated recommendations. However, you will find that the recommendations are random and include long guests reviews in the description. Hence you end up with way too much text, including a lot of comments that don’t make much sense. So you may want to go into each recommendation and re-edit the “description” and “why you recommend it”. In addition, some of the recommendations are categorized incorrectly. Simply delete, or uncheck the ones you don't need.

  • Create a custom category BOOK AGAIN. This turns the guidebook into a marketing tool to push direct booking opportunities.

    • Go into your admin DASHBOARD, on the left side select CATEGORIES > create a new one with the + button > select category type RECOMMENDATION CARD > Choose an icon and select a color that stands out.

    • Now that you’ve created the category, add content into the category by creating a RECOMMENDATION card, upload your listing picture as the cover, under why you recommend it upload a screenshot of your listings amenities, link it to a specific website (preferably the direct booking listing) and select under category BOOK AGAIN.

    • To move the BOOK AGAIN category as the last option within your guidebooks menu section, go into THEMES and drag any category into your desired order. Example here

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