What is Right to Rent?

Through the Right to Rent, donations are collected from property management companies and allocated to protect travelers’ rights to choose the type of accommodation they want. It helps to protect the rights of property owners to rent their vacation homes and businesses’ rights to rent vacation properties.

Hostfully facilitates an add-on donation per guest booking realized. These contributions will support the fight against unfair regulations, and to fund specific VRMA media and legislative outreach objectives, as well as data compilation and analysis to support further industry initiatives. When you opt into the VRMA Advocacy Fund (Right to Rent) you will also receive a complimentary year of membership to the Vacation Rental Managers Association, learn more here about membership benefits.

How does the Right to Rent program work?

Revenue generated will be shown on the participating company’s general ledger to the VRMA Right to Rent Fund as an ordinary month-end disbursement. Hostfully provides real-time reporting and tracking of all funds collected through a dedicated VRMA Advocacy Fund report within Enhanced Reporting. At the end of each month this report will be sent to the both the Property Manager and VRMA via email. It is the responsibility of the Property Manager to complete payment to VRMA through their preferred method.

What does the Right to Rent program fund?

The money raised through the Right to Rent program will strengthen VRMA’s efforts to advance and build a stronger advocacy presence for the vacation rental community through:

  • Professional Support: Providing professional support to vacation rental managers and property owners to defend their business against onerous regulations

  • Issue Tracking: Improving tracking of state and local regulations that might affect the vacation rental industry;

  • Response: Create greater efficiency in responding to legislative concerns when they arise

  • Lobbying: Working with state and local policymakers on policies that improve access to vacation rental properties

  • Communication: Helping industry stakeholders communicate the role of vacation rental properties as a driver of local economies

  • National Focus: Strengthening national VRMA Government Affairs efforts

Click here to visit the right to rent website and learn more.

Setting up your donation to the VRMA Advocacy Right to Rent in your Hostfully account

Opting in:

  1. Navigate to the "Agency Settings" area under your agency dropdown, on the top right of your Hostfully account

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the "Main Settings? section

  3. Check the box in agency settings, called "Enable Contributions to VRMA Right to Rent Program"

Determining your donation amount and tracking your donation:

  1. Navigate to the "Enhanced Reporting" area under your agency dropdown, on the top right of your Hostfully account.

  2. Under the "Booking Report" section you will see the VRMA Advocacy Fund report. You can manually run this report at any time. It will also be automatically run and sent to VRMA and your primary agency email address at the end of each month.

  3. By default, the report is set to track $1 from each booking made and will aggregate that total at the end of each month. Note: It is then the Property Manager's responsibility to send payment monthly to VRMA by check or the preferred payment method.

  4. To customize or change your donation amount click on the "Customize" link.

  5. Then click on the "Advocacy Fund Amount" column and the "Edit Field" button

  6. Input the amount of each booking that you would like to contribute. In this example, we've increased the donation to $2 per booking

Congratulations you've finished opting in and setting up your donation tracking for this important industry cause! Remember, Hostfully doesn't actually process payment to VRMA, you will need to manually send your donation on a monthly basis.

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