Getting Started

1. Set up your integration

In Hostfully PMP, go to Integrations page and toggle ON the switch for OK2Charge. It is under the Smart Home section.

When toggle on the connection, you will be prompted for sharing guest data with OK2Charge. Click on Accept.

Click on Settings, just next to the switch, and enable the properties.

Go to Agency Settings menu, look for your Agency UID at the bottom of the page and copy it. (instructions)

2. Connect your OK2Charge account

Log into OK2Charge Control Panel with provided credentials.

Go to Settings > Data Sync and choose Hostfully as your PMP. You will be asked to provide your Hostfully Agency UID

Paste your Hostfully Agency UID over and click on Save button.

💡That’s all! The data will be automatically synchronized on a recurring basis.

3. Validate your integration

To check that the integration is working properly, you may import the data manually under the Actions dropdown menu.

Loaded properties and reservations can be checked under their corresponding menus.

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