To use this feature:

  • make sure Airbnb is turned ON at the Channels and Property level

  • the property has at least one room (common spaces/bedroom/living room/other room types available in Airbnb)

  • if the property is imported from Airbnb, it should have at least one room in Airbnb

Then go to the Property and the Photos tab.

From there, you can enable the "Where you'll sleep" option and then map it to the room in the drop-down list. Please see the screen shot attached.


On Airbnb


  1. Airbnb does not display photos in “Where you’ll sleep“ unless all rooms having beds have at least one photo assigned. For example, if you assign photos to two bedrooms, but there is also a common space not having a photo assigned, then photos for bedrooms are not displayed on Airbnb.

  2. Only rooms with beds are listed under “Where you’ll sleep“ on Airbnb, even if you assign a photo to a room that does not have beds, the photo will not be shown in the “Where you’ll sleep“ section

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