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About Lead Modal

Details On Lead Modal

About Lead Modal

Lead modal is the view in Hostfully Property Management Platform - PMP, where Property Managers - PMs and their team can view / take action on the lead.

For more details on navigating Pipeline / Dashboard as well as lead management on these UIs, please refer to this help article How to manage a lead (via Dashboard & Pipeline)

To access lead modal, there are some options:

  1. Dashboard - Edit button when you hover on the lead

  2. Pipeline - Edit button when you hover on the lead

  3. Calendar - Click on the lead / block directly

Details on Lead Modal

Above is sample of a typical lead modal.

  1. Lead Status: status of the booking, corresponding to 4 Pipeline circles.

    1. Quote (extra status like Ignored, Duplicate, Declined, Expired)

    2. Hold / Pending

    3. Booked / Cancelled

    4. Stay / Archived

  2. Lead Full Name: full name (first name & last name) of the lead, as here.

  3. Lead Tag: tag of the lead, can be input manually.

  4. Create a Job: create a job for this lead. (reference on job and service provider)

  5. Send Message: access Inbox thread of this lead (reference on PMP Inbox 2.0)

  6. Re-book: Book this lead again.

and the tab area with below items:

A. Lead Details (Default opening tab)

Full booking details, including:

  • Check-in check-out detail

  • Property

  • Number of guests

  • Notes

  • Order (financial details) of the booking. Link to detailed order view is included.

  • Booked date

Detailed Order View:

In this view, the booking financial details are broken into line item.

B. Client Information

Guest details are stored here.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email (can be null for Airbnb, or with masked email for Airbnb &

  • Secondary Email: tracking purpose only, and not used anywhere in the system.

  • Phone: Mobile contact, if any. SMS trigger will use this field for recipient.

  • Cell Phone

  • Address

  • Address 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

  • Country

  • Language

C. Payment Timeline

Here we have:

  • Payment Link: where guest can pay the balance due amount if any

  • Security Deposit: PM can view / update security deposit refund status here.

D. Stay Details

Stay details are here, where guest can provide via Pre-Arrival Form, and/or PM can note down manually necessary info for the trips. (except for Access PIN Code & Extra Notes)

  • Arrival date - time: can be different from check in info, for example late arrival

  • Departure date - time: can be different from check out info, like early leaving

  • Access PIN Code: can be automated with lock automation, or PM inputs manually

    • Access PIN Code URL: still PIN but certain provider use URL instead of code.

  • Extra Notes: internal note for the stay, private to PM and team only.

  • Flight Number

  • Reason for Trip

  • Other Guest Information

E. Data

This tab stores all technical details of the lead.

  • Lead UID: Unique ID of this lead. Different from Order UID in Client Information.

  • External ID: uneditable Booking ID from external source, like Airbnb or Booking.

  • Rental Agreement URL: if the lead-guest already signed rental agreement, URL to the signed document is stored here.

  • Guest Invite: if this lead-guest already has a Guest account on Hostfully

  • Creation Metadata: How this lead was created.

  • Attribute this booking to Vrbo: PM can choose to attribute a direct booking to Vrbo in certain cases. More details here.

F. Internal Guest Notes

This section is for internal reference of PM and their team only. The details will not be used anywhere else. This section is not a place to review guest stay.

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